Immersive space to celebrate 125th anniversary of Coca Cola

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A 90 square meter projection system of 270-degree engulfs the visitor of the Santralistanbul’s Galeri1 to celebrate the 125th anniversary of this iconic brand. Antilop a creative agency based in Istanbul was responsible for this impressive experience.

Being the big sucker for huge engulfing video screens that I am, I have to admit I wish I could see this live, but alas it’s a bit for for now.

At first I was really impressed that the video content was so abstract. It’s the most interesting part in the video to me. As soon as they bring in images of people (referencing their consumers, I guess) or the ski hut the video looses quite a bit of its attraction. Too bad Coke was not courageous enough to convey the emotional value of the brand employing a more abstract approach.

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School without walls

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Danish architecture firm Rosan Bosch has developed this incredible playful space for the Swedish Free School Organization Vittra. The school wanted to have a space without walls that stimulates the children’s creativity, “where the physical space is the school’s most important tool in their everyday and pedagogical development”.

Five learning spaces were created to accommodate the various situations that children and teacher are facing in a regular day at school (though nothing seems regular about that school). The spaces are: ‘The Cave’ (a private space for learning), ‘The Lab’ (experimentation and practical work), ‘The Camp Fire’ (group process), ‘The Watering Hole’ (a place for encounters and impulses), and ‘The Showoff’ (a stage to show off progress and discoveries).

Apart from being such an colorful, playful and engaging space (which is always a PLUS in any work related enviromnet and I will talk about it in one of my next posts), what interests me most about this project are the social and behavioral implication. How the various spaces, compositions, textures, colors and overall atmospheres of a space like that contributes greatly to the overall happiness of the people living and working in it. I’m curious to find out more about the level of happiness, physical and mental well being and performance of children and staff. What sense of self does a child develop in this environment. How adapt is a child learning and growing in such an open space. Will children be more open (minded), more understanding, more collaborative human being when they go out in the world? I’d be surprised if not.

Hopefully this example from Stockholm will inspire other decision makers all over the world.

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Highly engaging Alumni Center

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The University of Oregon asked Second Story to develop this highly engaging 3 part installation. Functioning as the starting point for university tours, the interactive installation, is meant to inform and inspire around the heritage of the Alumni organization and it’s potential future.

My favorite and most impressive bit is certainly the floor to ceiling, touch sensitive video cascade that highlight various aspects such as: LEARN (Academics), COMPETE (Athletics), LIVE (Student Life), EXPLORE (Campus and Community), and HONOR (Notable Ducks). The interactive table recognizes every alum ever been to the university and “Entry Wall” highlights the events of the day at the university.

It’s refreshing to see a university creating such an outstanding experience. Money well invested into the creation of  an iconic point of entry. Nothing about this installation seems boring. It really is a great way to communicate several aspects in one inspiring intervention.

I’m curious to see how the university will keep the experience alive and fresh in 6, 12, 24 months so that it serves not just potential new students.

5th installment of “Neoreal” by Canon Inc

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Canon presents this immersive installation, centered around the theme of “Neorela in the forst” during the Milan Design Week 2012. The two-part installation “seeks to express the ‘undeniable connection between the earth and the people who live upon it'”.

As you know I’m a big fan of using cultural projects to engage audiences around the vision and values of a brand. With this installation Canon manages to communicate being at the forefront of technical developments and manages to wrap this massage with a dreamlike veil of a basic human condition. The installation speaks to the imagination of the audience in an a design driven environment with international reputation. I cannot stress enough the value of this kind of interventions for the brand in terms of awareness and engagement and ultimately brand loyalty.

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Cocal-Cola giant reminds South Africans to recycle

February 7, 2012 § 3 Comments

In Cape Town Coca Cola has installed this giant made of 4,200 crates to raise awareness for the need to recycle.
The recycled structure, called “Eliot”, is nearly 60 feet high and can hardly be missed.

Definitely a very engaging way to communicate the message of recycling. The installation is bound to create a massive amount of positive word Of Mouth.

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Fake Word Of Mouth

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As a spokesperson for genuine and honestly earned positive Word of Mouth, I’m amazed to see that brands actually believe they can hijack the process and pay consumers to spread “the good word” about their product or service. In a society that is more and more transparent and the consumer is more informed than ever, faking positive Word Of Mouth is the worst you can do to your brand. Once people find out about it, the most precious good a brand can build (trust), is gone and the consumer will look for alternatives and soon find a thankful competitor.

Belkin scandal

Why don’t brands instead live up to their promise and deliver an experience that is authentic, honest and genuinely focused on offering outstanding products/services, combined with the best customer experience for all touch points?

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