Stella Artois and Andy Cavatorta turn beer glasses into mindblowing music installations

March 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

We all have seen the odd piano, made of water glasses, filled to a different height to create different tone pitches. MIT sound inventor Andy Cavatorta teamed up with Stella Artois and indie rock band Cold War Kids to create the chalice Symphony. Several installations incorporating the iconic Stella Artois beer glasses were used to create a number of beautiful, iconic. yet functional pieces or art that are simultaneously musical instruments.
“Cavatorta has passionately pored over hundreds of the iconic Stella Artois Chalices to craft four fully-functional music instruments inspired by elements of the iconic glassware: the Hive, the Pryophone, the Star Harp and the Violina.”
Cold War Kids wrote a soulful song that incorporates the Chalice Symphony as main theme.

What a beautiful marriage of branded objects and a value driven intervention that is guaranteed to create tons of earned media for Stella Artois throughout all kinds of media and channels. It takes communicating Stella’s dedication to craftsmanship to a new level.


(via Trendland)


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