Musical Potties for Festival Visitors in Argentina

March 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

Argentina’s mobile phone company “Personal” organizes an annual music festival that attracts more then 50.000 visitors. That in itself is already remarkable enough as a powerful strategy to connect with a young crowd and immerse them in tons of fun (and associate the brand with the experiences and emotions surrounding the event).

The “Musical Potties” or “Rhythmical Potties” are a fun and slightly quirky addition to the event and offer another opportunity to create buzz around the whole festival. Yes. the subject in itself is less fun, but why not play with it. Though I’m wondering how much fun it is when the potties are constantly busy during “rush hour”. I guess the complete melody just plays on and on. Could be annoying if it plays for an extended period of time.

Instead of adding music to the potties they should have asked Charming to come with one of their “Porta-Potty” trucks, that travel the US, which is less gimmicky and offers clean and accessible washrooms for festivals of this nature. (I realize I’m starting to know a lot of poop related marketing strategies…)

I still like the idea because it’s playful yet incorporates an environment that is usually neglect or ignored, and turns it into a fun and new experience.

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