Mojito: First Drink To Get Its Own Dedicated Embassy

May 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

An embassy for a drink? Really?!?!?

The Havana Club has created a pop up shop of a different kind to promote Mojitos in the best possible way: an environment that oozes fun, freshness and Cuban lifestyle in an experience that speaks to all five senses. The colors, aromas, tastes, sights and sounds seduce visitors of this Milan pop up store to take a brake and be taken away to Havana for a real, freshly made Mojito while strolling a small market, enjoying live Cuban music and entertainment.

Apart from the fact that summer has started here in Montreal and that I really love Mojitos and the smell of a freshly cut lime, I feel the interventions will be a huge success in communicating the the brands vision and values in a very engaging way. NO need to preach about the advantages of fresh, high quality ingredients over pre-prepared, ready made Mojito mixes, when an entire Mojito embassy is dedicated to spread the good word.

Instead of creating a message and sending it through conventional channels, Havana Club shares its passion for the best possible Mohito through this engaging live intervention that allows the audience to experience the message directly and through interaction with the real people, zipping away real good Mojitos.

I feel like going to the market to grab some limes myself now…

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Free Extended Naps in Selected New York’s Furniture Stores

May 16, 2012 § 1 Comment

Try before you buy‘ is a well established approach to allow potential customers experience the product before the actualĀ  purchase.

ECO furniture designer COCO MAT from Greece takes the concept a step further creating hotel like show rooms where people can take an extended nap of several hours. Taking a brake from the huzzle and buzzle of NYC’s busy street’s in such a comforting and inviting environment allows you to get a real sense of the quality of the product. Furthermore the founder, Paul Efmorfidis doesn’t mind if “nappers” don’t turn into buyers, but aims to increase top of mind awareness and positive word-of-mouth for COCO MAT with this intervention. The free orange juice, espresso and Greek foods complement the experience, speaking to all 5 senses and making it so much more inviting, without the need or pressure to close a deal.

An expereince that’s totally on brand while generating lot’s of earned media for the company.

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